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The LUCK (LCK) Attribute for old school fantasy games

... Or Save versus the universe. 

"Do you realize that everyone you know will die some day." - The Flaming Lips, Do You Realize??  

The original fantasy game is the most unadulterated nihilism the gaming world has ever seen.  Life is cheap and absurd at the early stages of a fantastic medieval wargames campaign. The universe is indifferent, but not benign, to the fates of the veterans, acolytes, and mediums that descend into the mythical underworld for gold or glory or even insanity pes 2017 iso update players ppsspp

As someone who delights in the mayhem and chaos of the original version of the game, I am perfectly content with the grim fate that awaits 99% of every single character rolled for a dungeon exploration game. I don't believe in fate or destiny, so I let dice fall as they may. Yet I understand that not everybody shares my excitement for the high level of lethality and randomness that permeates the beginnings of a fantasy campaign. ( Maybe they should read the same philosophers I read; that'll get rid of that hero worship and optimism real quick.) For my fellow gamers out there who get frustrated by the random pandemonium of earlier fantasy games I present my own take on a LUCK attribute.  

Even though I don't believe in it in real life, I think LUCK is not totally out of place in the original fantasy game. The heroic fiction that the original fantasy game emulates does allow for destiny and good luck to intervene for the heroes from time to time.

I've "created" this LUCK mechanic for any version of the game that uses the -1 to +1 bonus range on attributes. LUCK ranges from 3- 18, just like the other attributes.

Luck Attribute (LCK)

LUCK is determined by rolling 3 six sided platonic solids, just like the other attributes. If LUCK is equal to or larger than 15, the player gets the opportunity to re-roll 1 dice throw per session. This means any dice roll: damage, to hit, or any other throw the Referee allows.  If LUCK is 8 or less, the DM gets to make the PC re-roll one successful roll per session. The lowest roll is picked. Of course, if the referee wishes maintain the illusion of impartiality, he may only ask for a reroll after getting a 1-3 on the roll of a d6.

I haven't had the time to playtest my LUCK attribute, so let me know if you think it may break the game.

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